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Defining the Magical Formula of CrossFit

CrossFit was something I tried at the request of a friend in 2010 at CrossFit gym in South Texas. At the time I had no idea what CrossFit really was. It took me a little over three months to begin to feel the benefits, but it was magical when I did.

This is how I describe it: I woke up one morning and felt that everything was different. I felt my feet touch the ground differently. My posture was different. I stood taller, and more steady. I was more confident and somehow took up more space. I felt something shift in me, and not only in my body but also in my whole being.

I was asked to become a coach 5 years later. It was one of the best decisions of my life. It was magical to see results for myself, but it was transformational to help others feel the magic.

Sharing CrossFit and empowering others to get stronger, fitter, grow more confident, and develop the courage to take on challenges they'd never dreamed of -- that's where I really became hooked.

This is what I now see as the Magic of CrossFit. It's hard not to want to share what you have experienced while doing CrossFit with the people around you.

"If I could just get everyone I love to do this ...I would.”

If you've ever done CrossFit, there's a good chance you've thought (or obsessed over) something like this:

"I must get my mom/partner/friend/neighbor/second cousin twice removed to try this."


"If only more people could experience this for themselves, the world would be a better place."

This is something we've heard many times from our members and crossfitters all over the globe. CrossFit is a great way to connect with people. CrossFit can make a huge difference in many different aspects of your life. It's simple: if you are consistent and do the work, everything will improve. You can't help but want to share something that has changed your life in a profound way with the people around you.

CrossFit was for many of us a light switch that illuminates the dark. Our desire to share our knowledge with others has enabled CrossFit to become the fitness revolution that Cowtown CrossFit has seen since its early days.

Red Pill, Blue Pill

"Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. ... You take the red pill ... and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. ... Remember, all I'm offering is the truth, nothing more." --Morpheus, "The Matrix"

CrossFit was founded in 2000 and was acquired by new leadership in 2020. This brought about major changes throughout the entire CrossFit business and world as we knew it.

After an 18-month bumpy ride, everyone realized there were some things needed to change in how the “business” of CrossFit was run. There were also things we as a community knew couldn't change because we knew it would compromise what makes CrossFit special. We all banded together and remained united while the changes began to take place.

CrossFit was not a traditional business, so it was obvious that even though CrossFit had a lot of business knowledge, a conventional business approach was not going to work.

Similar to Morpheus's answer, "You just need to experience it yourself." "Take the red pill, and you'll see how deep this rabbit hole goes." This effect was not what we wanted.

Trying CrossFit, working out at a CrossFit affiliate, or attending a Level 1 Course are a great way for people wanting to do CrossFit or teach others to do CrossFit. But even these experiences were strained in their ability to confer knowledge that would support daily business decisions around preserving and evolving CrossFit and stewarding it successfully into the future.

Many of us became concerned that our efforts to grow the business could lead to a collapse of our core. We found new ways to protect and articulate that core as a response to this challenge. We came to the realization that CrossFit was a common "magic". The next step was to communicate effectively and to bring in new people to that magic.

All of us share this challenge: CrossFitHQ, affiliates, coaches and gym members. This is the most important thing we can all do as an affiliate, a brand and as a community. It's collective work. It is work that benefits all of us if we come together as a team.

Our unique way of doing things is unmatched in its effectiveness and simplicity. Along with the science, technology, and mechanics behind our method, I wanted to highlight everything that has come out of it -- everything that amplifies our impact and has made this methodology revolutionary.

First, we must recognize that CrossFit's power is not just strange alchemy. It might seem magical but it could be described as a formula. It is a formula that works.

CrossFit: The Essential Elements

We don't have to create anything new or redefine who we are. The formula is just simply, CrossFit. It's the secret to our extraordinary efficacy, from forging elite fitness to reversing or preventing chronic illness, to all the harder-to-measure items like deep satisfaction, grit and resilience we build; the connections that we make; and the sense we instill with purpose.

These results can sometimes be difficult to believe when said out loud. These results seem exaggerated, which is why it's possible to play with phrases like "CrossFit is magic". It is true that there is some magic in it, though. In the sense that the whole is greater than the parts alone.

CrossFit's true magic lies in the "formula", which is supported by human biology, science, data, and hundreds of thousands of individual results over the past two decades.

It is the foundation of our mission, our cause. It consists of our CrossFit methodology and our ethos. All brought to life by our coaches and lived and strengthened by our community.

Methodology + Ethos (community + coaching) = CrossFit

The METHODOLOGY is the first part of the formula.

It is crucial to realize that our methodology is what drives our unmatched efficacy. Our results are the key. What do I mean when I say results? CrossFit is not only a great way to get fit, but it can also be used to make you fitter more quickly and more safely than any other fitness program. Our results are predictable, universal, and repeatable. Our method is universally applicable and can be scaled up or down for any individual. The results are also predictable because they continue compound overtime.

It is the basis of CrossFit's success. The methodology also provides the framework for our education, making it a solid, repeatable and scalable process to develop professional coaches.

Our methodology creates an ethos -- a unique CrossFit culture - that allows strong local communities and delivers life-changing results every day. It is the basis of everything. Why? Because the results are magical, even though they are based in solid science.

Our ETHOS is the second part of this formula.

Our ethos is our culture and our values. It also includes our non-negotiables. It is directly linked to our method. We did not sit in a room to determine our values. We didn't survey all fitness enthusiasts to determine our values. Rather, we developed our ethos organically and authentically through the methodology.

Our ethos is our authentic, unfiltered heart of what we believe. It is a deep appreciation for hard work and a willingness to take responsibility. It is what makes us unique.

The COACH is the third component of the formula.

The most important ingredient is the coach. The CrossFit coach is the one who brings the philosophy and methodology to life. Our coaches are the best. They are not cheerleaders, or group fitness trainers. They are not actors on stage. Instead, they show true character by serving others with the purpose of helping them reach their goals.

A great coach can fully express the power of CrossFit's methodology. The coach can be thought of as a multiplier for our equation. They help make it all work in practice and amplify the impact.

The COMMUNITY is the final piece.

The second factor that multiplies the strength of CrossFit is the community. CrossFit is unlike any other community you have ever experienced. We are all the result of the collective expertise and values of our coaches.

CrossFit was the inspiration for an ethos that would create a community of genuine fitness professionals. CrossFit's community allows us to spread and magnify the results, so more people can reach their potential. This community encourages connection and focuses on service to others.

These four elements are the core of CrossFit: the methodology, the ethos, the coach, and the community. CrossFit's effectiveness, its "magic", will be lost if you miss even one piece.

However, when we follow the formula, we create something greater than the sum of its parts. This is how we build community, how we create a feeling of belonging and personal transformation, how magic spreads.

The formula is still magical even when you know it. Everything we do has magic, from our movements to our community building; from the excellence and dedication of our coaches to the special mix of grit and determination we find in our gym friends. CrossFit is a culture and community that defines who we are.

And that is what we strive to offer here at Cowtown CrossFit. We look forward to continuing to help better our community for years to come.

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