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Mark Your Calendars: 2019 CrossFit Open Comes to Cowtown

We are just three weeks away from the 2019 CrossFit Open, and whether this is your first time participating or the ninth time, the Open is for us all.

With the new changes to the CrossFit Games season, there will likely be less participation than in past years. In fact, if you listen to Ep. 4 of the Talking Elite Fitness podcast, former CrossFit HQ media members Tommy Marquez and Sean Woodland discussed how the stakes of the Open affects participation.

Nearly 430,000 athletes completed at least one workout from the 2018 Open, and sadly, the expectation is that number will be significantly lower, perhaps even half. This is an issue.

Since its inception in 2011, the Open was designed to find the top 40 men and top 40 women in each region, but even more so, it’s for the CrossFit community as a whole. The Open has been the largest global competition in the world for the last nine years, and we as CrossFit affiliates have a responsibility to keep it that way.

We want all of Cowtown to participate in the Open workouts whether you sign up for through CrossFit or not. It’s an annual test of fitness, and we strive to build a close-knit community. The Open is a great way to do that.

The Open brings an athlete a lot of firsts. Accomplishing feats you never thought possible is almost an expectation from any one of the five workouts. Watching all of you the past few years get your first pull-up, PR a lift, RX your first workout, or push beyond your mental and physical boundaries is what brings joy in the suffering.

So sign up, (it’s only $21.65) do that thing you’ve been chasing for a few weeks or months, and have some fun with the rest of The Herd.

To sign up, go to The workouts are released every Thursday for five straight weeks (Feb. 21 – Mar. 28).

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