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Just show up

Consistency is key. You’ve heard it before in a gym setting and you’ll likely hear it again at some point, whether from a fellow member or a coach.

CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman one said:


“Establish consistency before intensity.”


For those of you who still feel uncomfortable during the movements – barbell in hand or not – you are not alone. Why do you think there are Olympic lifters who try to fix a microscopic detail of a clean and jerk, or a snatch? It’s because there is no perfect lift. There can be near perfect lifts, but never has there been a perfect lift.

Olympic weightlifters spend four years training a specific movement. Do not worry; we are not expecting to see professional lifters come from our box.

Our priority is safety, efficacy and efficiency. It’s evidenced based-fitness. It is CrossFit.

If you still struggle with some of the CrossFit specific movements such as thrusters, wall balls, handstand pushups, etc., the only way to get better is to show up.

We’re not expecting you all to pick up every movement when you first start, but what we do expect is for you to consistently come to the box at least three times a week.

The aforementioned quote is simple and effective. Establishing consistency by simply walking through the garage doors a few times a week will do more than you think.

To keep with clichés, progress is slow. It does not come over night.

Some of you completed the dreaded Fran workout on Monday. It’s one of the more known workouts when you start CrossFit, and it is a perfect test of your fitness.

It’s the reason why at the end of our on-ramp training we have you do it on the last day. We’re testing you physically, but more importantly, mentally. You have a constant inner dialogue.


“Can I pick up the bar? Can I hold on to the rig for one more pull up?”


A lot of you set a personal record on Fran. If you did not, it is likely your first time completing Fran, or you have not been showing up. Coming to the box a few times a week is foolproof. It works.

Just ask a fellow member you know is in the box a couple times a week this question:

“What can you do now that you could not do three months ago?”

I can guarantee you will hear multiple achievements from each of them. Small or big, they are achievements. It is all relative to the individual.

So just show up… It pays off.

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